Epoxy products for rebuilding and protection


Wencon is a worldwide operating company specialised in development and marketing of epoxy products for rebuilding and surface protection of metal exposed to corrosion, galvanic corrosion, cavitation, wear or breakage. Our products and repair system are widely used in the Marine Industry as well as the Offshore and On-shore industry in general.

Our goal is very straightforward: We want to be the preferred supplier of epoxy-based repair systems and products for the Marine, Offshore and the On-shore industries based on the best, most serviceminded concept in the market.  


Repair and preventive maintenance

Wencon repair and preventive maintenance methods can be utilized with large  benefits, associated with very low maintenance costs, compared to traditional methods. We offer to facilitate your repair / maintenance task on-site or in-house at one of our cooperating Workshops world-wide.


Emergency and temporary repairs

The Wencon Repair Kit is known, all across the world, for being the emergency kit containing all epoxy products, needed for temporary and emergency repairs. The Repair Kits have been composed in order to be able to perform repairs depending on age and size of the ship. Approximately 4000 ships worldwide, are carrying the Wencon Repair Kit onboard.

Wencon global Partners

All across the world we provide a network of highly skilled and trained partners, with many years of experience, all dedicated for perfect results and cost-effective solutions. Wencon operates through 17 Distributors and 20 certified Workshops world-wide.

Approximately once a month we publish a Repair Newsletter. This is to keep you updated on applications / repair job...
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