Wencon Accessories are high quality products carefully selected and designed to contribute to make your repair application successful. During an emergency repair, or when planning a scheduled repair or maintenance job, it is important to make sure that you have all the necessary components, tools and aids required at hand before you start.

The application data sheet in the Wencon Repair Manual clearly lists all the products required for the individual application.

  • Wencon Cleaner
  • Wencon Bio Cleaner
  • Wencon Release Agent
  • Wencon Reinforcement Tape
  • Wencon Aggregate
  • Wencon Mixed Filler
  • Wencon Application Tools
  • Wencon Fixation Tools


View Safety Data Sheet for Wencon Cleaner
View Safety Data Sheet for Wencon Bio Cleaner
View Safety Data Sheet for Wencon Release Agent
View Safety Data Sheet for Wencon Aggregate
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Key technical data

Product numbersProduct nameIMPA no.ISSA no.
No. 1100Wencon Cleaner, 0,5 litre unit 81234975.553.01
No. 1104Wencon Bio Cleaner, 0,75 litre unit812597N/A
No. 1110Wencon Release Agent, 50 g unit (0,07 lb) 81235075.553.60
No. 1120Wencon Reinforcement Tape, 0,05x10m (400 inch)81233975.553.50
No. 1122 Wencon Reinforcement Tape, 0,10x20m (800 inch)NAN/A
No. 1140Wencon Aggregate No. 16, 1,5 kg unit (3,3lb)NAN/A
No. 1150Wencon Aggregate No. 24, 1,5 kg unit (3,3lb)NAN/A
No. 1170Wencon Mixed FillerN/AN/A
No. 2805Wencon Application Tools81259575.553.80
No. 2808Fixation Tools812596 N/A


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