Wencon Docking Kit Extended

Product no: 8721

The Wencon Dry Dock Kit is made to perform for preventive maintenance, corrosion protection and repair of worn out equipment, while the vessel is in Dock.  Ideally the vessel receives the docking kit on board,  in advance of docking, and is therefore able to begin maintenance, without delay. The extended kit is designed for use where larger quantities are needed.

It contains a User Manual, which is also available for free download from our web page. The User Manual contains product information sheets, instruction for use, technical information, application datasheets for several repair jobs and detailed information about surface preparation. The Manual support you fully with repairs, planned maintenance and improvements on board the vessel.

Informational flyer
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Key technical data

Wencon Ceramic Cream9 x 0,5 kg
Wencon Ceramic Coating, light grey21 x 0,5 kg
Wencon Ceramic Coating, light green21 x 0,5 kg
Wencon Bio Cleaner9 x 0,75 l
Wencon Release Agent2 x 50 g
Wencon User Manual1 pcs


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