Wencon Repair Kit No. 2

Product no: 8704, IMPA no.:812331, ISSA no.: 75.553.71 

The large repair kit for emergency repairs and long-lasting maintenance.  Suitable for most ships and vessels, where repair and maintenance are carried out frequently. The Wencon Repair Kit No. 2 contains solutions to cover most aspects of emergency repairs and long lasting maintenance.

The Repair Kit contains a User Manual, which is also available for free download from our web page. The User Manual contains product information sheets, instruction for use, technical information, application datasheets for several repair jobs and detailed information about surface preparation. The Manual support you fully with repairs, planned maintenance and improvements on board the vessel.

The Wencon Repair Kit is supplied in a strong plywood box suitable for shipping and storage on board.

Download Product Information (.PDF)

Key technical data

Wencon Rapid1 x 1 kg
Wencon Rapid (8x125)1 x 1 kg
Wencon Coating, white1 x 0,5 kg
Wencon Coating, Blue1 x 0,5 kg
Hi-Temp, green1 x 0,5 kg
Wencon Putty (8 x 125 gr)1 x 1 kg
Wencon Pipe Tape 5 unit, 5cm x 150cm1 box
Wencon Pipe Tape 4 unit, 5cm x 350cm1 box
Wencon Exhaust Repair Kit, 2 x 250g1 box
Wencon Bio Cleaner2 x 0,75L
Wencon Release Agent1 x 50 g
Wencon Reinforcement Tape, 5cmx10m2 x 10 m
Wencon Application Tools1 box
Wencon User Manual1 pcs


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