Wencon is looking for a distributor in Italy


On behalf of Wencon, MARPRO is looking for a relevant company, to become the distributor for Italy.

Wencon was established in 1984 and, ever since our launch, the supply of products and knowhow to the marine and off-shore sector has been the nature of our business.

Thousands of ships around the world carry Wencon products and manuals on board, ready for immediate use in case of leaks and malfunctions caused by corrosion or abrasion in vital machine parts around the ship. For further information, we invite you to visit us on

What is Wencon business?

Wencon offers high quality and effective epoxy resin repair products and technical assistance to help customers solve problems caused by corrosion in cooling water systems and other areas, where sea water causes deterioration of metal parts.

Wencon supports its customers worldwide by providing products and technical know-how in the following areas:

• Emergency Repairs in the marine and offshore industries.

• General Repairs, maintenance, refurbishment and preventive protection on ships and offshore assets.

• General Repairs, maintenance, refurbishment and preventive protection performed by third parties, shipyards, machine shops, etc. – including Wencon certified work-shops around the world.

Sales channels for Wencon.

The target segment for all our activities is Shipping, Offshore and Repair companies around the world.

Together with our local stocking distributor, who will be the principal sales contact in any area, a number of partners will help in forming the sales network.

In effect, machine shops, shipyards, ship chandlers, technical stores, etc. will all be part of the network. It is an important job for the stocking distributor to encourage these partners to want to expand their Wencon business. That means proving them with excellent service, assistance, and support.

Who could benefit from being a Wencon Distributor?

A company…

• Having good experience and a good reputation in the local marine and offshore repair and maintenance market.

• Having the financial capability to open a new business.

• Having a fully functioning sales organization.

• Having an energetic sales management team.

• Keeping a stock and supply facility that can arrange daily deliveries

What is your job in performing the local Wencon Business?

As a distributor, your job will be to find and accommodate the relevant personnel. From day one, it will probably be only one salesperson, who will be trained by us, and managed by your sales management team. You will also have to provide a stock facility and logistic resources. Initially, we will help your salesperson in sales techniques and how to create technical application specifications. This will enable him/her to acquire the necessary skills for the position.

You, as a company, will already have good contacts with the local marine and offshore customers, therefore your knowledge and reputation will offer good back-up for your new sales activity.

In time you will probably hire a technician and hopefully more sales personnel.

It is always in the initial set-up of a business that you will find the most difficulties.

Together with the Area Sales Manager from Wencon, you will make annual budgets, not only for the monthly or quarterly revenue but also for the sales activities, about which you will have an unbiased approach and communication with your principal. We are in it together, and we work together.

What can you expect from a Wencon distributorship?

Whenever excellent products and technical support are allied with a proactive business sense in a market with high potential and in an environment of mutual understanding and cooperation, it provides for a sound foundation on which a positive and long-lasting business relationship can thrive.

You will create a robust and profitable business over time and, together, we will ensure that the Wencon name will be a strong brand in the rising market for repair and maintenance.

Wencon protective and life extending solutions


Wencon Reinforcement Tape and Wencon UW products used for repair of leaks and damages in pipe system.


Cooler end covers attacked by bi-metallic corrosion. Rebuild with Wencon Rapid and protected with Wencon Coating white and blue.


Wear protection of pump house. Rebuild with Wencon Cream and protected with Wencon Coating white and blue.


Several holes found on heating coils. Welding sleeves sealed, using Wencon Reinforcement Tape and Wencon Hi-Temp.

Are you interested in the opportunity?

If interested, please apply online by writing an application letter and upload your company brochure. The opportunity is open, as long as it listed on our website.

For any questions, please contact our Recruiting agent: MARPRO on +45 5370 0995.


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