Wencon joins ReFlow digital platform to help shipowners reduce Co2 emissions


Ole Eriksen CEO Wencon

Ole Eriksen, CEO of Wencon ApS, wants to document customers’ CO2 savings when using a Wencon Solution.

Prevent, Repair, rebuild, life extension and reduce CO2 emissions.

Those are some of the words from the green agenda currently resounding in the maritime industry, and these words sound extra good to WENCON CEO, Ole Eriksen. “Wencon has been providing solutions to do exactly this for more than 35 years, in the maritime industry,” says Eriksen. “We are well known for saving shipowners time and money when repairing parts and re-circulating them back into their original lifecycle, but the impact on CO2 savings surprised even us.

Last year REFLOW performed an ISO 14040 certified calculation on exactly how much CO2 emissions could be saved when remanufacturing and lifetime extending a rudder stock, compared with replacing it with a new rudder stock. The result was 87% Co2 Equivalent savings. Similar savings can be obtained in almost any repair or lifetime extension of a part, therefore Wencon has decided to join up with Reflow’s digital platform to make these CO2 savings more readily available across the platform.

Measuring environmental impact
When a shipowner decides whether to repair or replace a part, there are now 3 factors in play: Time, Money, and the CO2 impact. With data from a WENCON Solution inside the system, it will be possible for the Shipowners themselves to calculate these estimates, and to actively measure their savings when engaging in this form of circular economy. Actively turning their repairs and lifetime extensions, into measurable savings that can be deduced from a vessel’s total lifetime emission.

Everything counts
With the ambition from the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, we see many efforts already being initiated to reduce the CO2 Emissions through cleaner fuels, hull improvements, and other innovative solutions, but it is important to include all scopes of a vessel’s emissions.

Platform of Partnerships
The Reflow platform lets us share our data with both shipowners and other producers, this will both allow us to obtain data on a particular part for our CO2 impact calculations, and it will hopefully bring us closer to those OEM producers so that we can work together in preventing corrosion by adding a Wencon coating before It is installed into the vessel, thereby extending the life of the part, possibly to the entirety of the vessels lifetime, with proper maintenance.

We see a future where a supplier is measured not only on the price of their product is but its lifetime and environmental impact. This will greatly increase the focus on life extension, prevention, and more on re-building parts that can be remanufactured and reused in a circular economic system.” Says Wencon, CEO Ole Eriksen

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