Wencon prepared for the future: after 36 years with founder Erik Wendelin at the helm, new CEO is appointed.



As per 1st of November, Ole Eriksen, Sales Director since 2018 with Wencon ApS, steps up as CEO with Wencon.

Ole Eriksen new CEO of Wencon ApS
Ole Eriksen appointed new CEO of Wencon Aps, has a positive outlook on the future growth despite difficult times in the world.

This appointment is part of a comprehensive shift from an owner run company, to a professionally run organization. Wencon is today run by a professional board of directors, under Chairman of the board, Lars Aaen. The daily operational management is headed by CEO, Ole Eriksen and simultaneously a partial transition of ownership to the younger generation has been completed, to Erik Wendelin and his wife Jane’s two children, Bjørn and Ditte Wendelin.

This is a journey that has been ongoing for a while, and with this I aim to secure the future for Wencon ApS. These past two years with Ole Eriksen as Sales Director, he has proven himself capable of bringing our company and good employees safely into the future. I am very satisfied with the choice.” Says Erik Wendelin, who started Wencon ApS in 1984.

Ole Eriksen has been the Sales Director with Wencon ApS since 2018 and has been running the daily operations and management of the company. The 4-year growth strategy that was initiated by him one year ago, will continue unchanged until 2024. For employees and customers with Wencon there will therefore not be any significant changes.

I have a positive outlook on the future, despite the difficult times we are in, with a world rapidly changing. We have a strong organization and this creates a solid foundation for realizing our potential for growth. A growth that will come from both existing markets, but also from new business areas” says Ole Eriksen.

The strategic course for Wencon has been set until 2024, with growth that will mainly come from the existing business areas where Wencon aim to strengthen focus on both partnerships and new distributors, as well as new areas of business.

Partnerships are highly interesting for Wencon, that are currently actively seeking to strengthen their sales network through new distributors in selected countries, but also by looking into opportunities with creating new partnerships with companies that service and supply related parts to the marine and offshore business.

With this change to a professionally run organization, the course is now set for the future of Wencon ApS, that will continue to be a strong supplier of epoxy solutions for the marine and offshore industries, both in 5 years and in 30 years from now. “concludes Erik Wendelin.

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